Sunday, September 28, 2008

Photo ME....

idol ko si KRIS.....

I can't imagine being a bridesmaid at this age...Since it's my friend's wedding, I can't say no!

I feel like I'm Kris Aquino in a red gown...I'm quite tactless and "maarte" just like my idol....but with a big heart!!!

My Bestfriend's Wedding (All Star Cast)

We're one of the selected few who really knew their love story...It's such a touching wedding that made us cry a river...

Best Wishes to Arlene and Badong!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hacienda Luisa....

Featuring my warm relatives from Balibago...They enjoy eating mangoes in Hacienda Luisa....ha!ha!ha!

from islands to mountains...

They are my wonderful relatives from the Island of Balibago (roots of my tatay)....From island hopping to mountain climbing, the whole Teodoro-Martin clan has conquered the beautiful city of Baguio.....

"these are my properties...."

There's one person I always remember saying, "these are my properties." It's my bestfriend "Jing" who uttered this phrase in jest many years ago....(there's a story behind it...secret!!!)

Well, it's my turn to deceive others who don't know me by this photo....My dialogue, "these are not my properties."

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cherry's Son....

He's the son of my h.s. batchmate Ma. Rosario "Cherry" Aguilar-Pama. To thank her for following my blog, I'm featuring his cute baby!!! Take a look.....

Sunday, September 21, 2008

EVOLUTION - My Sis and Me!!!

These photos are featured on the powerpoint presentation entitled "Evolution - The Story of My Life," a birthday gift from my sister. She has a lot of crazy ideas to surprise me and make me laugh.

In times like these, "laughter shared with my sister is an effective stress-reliever."

Missing Jolly....

If there's one person I really miss nowadays, it's my cousin and friend "Jolly." How I wish she's here to help us take care of my Nanay and her Tita Charie.

in sickness and in health....

My father took an emergency leave to look after my mom who had a stroke last Sunday. It's a 37-day vacation that would surely help his better half recover faster.

That's the commitment, "in sickness and in health..." And I'm so proud of my parents how they've been faithful with their vows for forty years.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Delight of My Mom....

If there's one thing that would make my mom happy, it's seeing our "Little Prince SEVEN." So Seven was brought to the hospital by Ka Nita and Nora - to visit my mom. It's touching moment once again how he made his Lola Charie cry just for awhile (because too much crying would upsurge my mom's blood pressure)...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Thank you ONG!!!

Just want to thank my friend "Ong" who's been with me in the hospital for two nights, to look after my mom. I really appreciate his presence and humor in times I need someone to cheer me up. With his large built and jolly nature, he could be a "Caregiver" just like his idol - Sharon Cuneta.

Crisis is God's way.....

"Crisis is God's way of bringing our family closer and chance to show how much we care."

My mom had a stroke last Sunday but we're thankful that she's recovering faster. With the support and prayers of our family and friends, I believe she'll be back into her active state soon. In fact, she'll be discharged from the hospital on Monday.

2008 is a tough year for our family but God has been empowering us. He's been our refuge and stronghold.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Friendship tested by time....

Of course, nothing compares with the friendship I've shared with the Seekers...Though we're quite misjudged during our high school days as "barriotic," we've proven our worth!

Nabasa ko ang comments mo kaya hayaan mo naman aliwin kita "Lyn Chin."

Ang tawag nga sa atin nun araw ay "walis ng kalsada." (contravida kc mga mudra natin kc high school pa lang ay may mga papa na kayo) ako ay super late bloomer lng at puro pag-aaral ang inaatupag ko kc "cha buto" lng talaga ako! Ngayon, may kanya-kanya na tayong landas na tinatahak pero "super friends" pa rin tayo...

Magpugay tayo kay "Magnolia" ay sya ang no. 1 friendship coordinator natin kahit pag kasama mo ay kung sino-sino ang tinatawagan at laging late pero sponsor naman in fairness...At ciempre, lubos din ang kasiyahan namin pag umuuwi si "Polet" (buti na lng single sya at wala na ang focus sa papa) at naaaliw kami sa mga pakikibaka nya...Di natin makakalimutan ang fave hang out natin ay ang bahay nyo, dami nating memories don...lagi tayo nagcoconcert nina Beteng at may tagisan pa ng talento - performance level lng!!! Dapat ka lng makibaka kc "Bakalyn" screen name mo....Di tayo kumpleto kung wala si "Beteng" kc numero unong okray sya...runner-up lng ako...Di pwede sa grupo natin ang sensitive ever at di tatagal, pero nice naman tayo, di ba?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Funny Beteng!!!

Last Monday, I got a text message from Beteng that he was stranded at Marcos Hi-way due to heavy rains and flood. "Nakasakay ako sa truck ng bakal, iniisip ko na lang ay nasa float ako ng Manila Film Fest (MFF)"...At 12:45AM, he texted me again, "Dream, Believe, Survive!..I already got home."

How can you resist the charm of this person who can still inject humor in trying situation...The reason why I'm happy single is I surround myself with happy people and Beteng is one of them.

Wackiest Birthday WIA!!!

Wowoweeee!!! Wia's 22nd birthday with her barriotic friends (Bong & Cheeky, Maricar, Gene Kentucky, Bethsheeba, Ngongi, Ong, Mighty Jo, Shurva & Shurva, Jr.)

Welcome for Ching & Quennie - Part 2

My Mareng Mildred won't forgive me if I won't post our candid photos....To the ever hospitable "Jeng Ignacio" - Mabuhay ka!!! To all the attendees - Thank you so much for joining us welcome Ching and Quennie!!! Sa di tumatanda naming mga guro - Salamat po!!! Di naman kami gano masaya, obvious ba? Hope to see the others next time around.....

Monday, September 8, 2008

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Warm Welcome for Quennie & Ching!

It's another get together with my high school batchmates at Tiendesitas....As we welcome "Queenie Quibar" from London (the girl with a small voice) and "Cristina Ruiz" (the boyish mestiza)...It's an evening full of fun - a get away from our hectic and traffic life...Of course, I'm with my bestfriend "Beteng" (Kung Fu Panda is his new screen name) and taking advantage of our new friend "Gary D." (it's Diaz, not Daga!) - he's driving an Adventure, FYI....

Who else? Big Boy next-door
"Rogelio Manansala," Chinese tycoon "Minh Batinga," Atty. Rocker "Pinong Pablo," Gigolo "John Lachica," Congresswoman "Flor Bambilla," Principal "Jeng Ignacio" with Mr. suave-hubby "Bubuy," Hearthtrob "Sanduco," common tao "Resty Puyo," Singaporean magnate "Matthew," and ex-seminarian "Ronald Bersola" with her sister-wife...

Take a look of our amazing photos, courtesy of
Ramon Puzon (Mr. Gumia, Jr.)....Thank you!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

WINDOWS of the SOUL....

Windows of the Soul - Experiencing God in New Ways
by: Ken Gire

Some excerpts from the book:

"But we must learn to look with more than just our eyes and listen more than just our ears, for the sounds are sometimes faint and the sights sometimes far away. We must be aware, at all time and in all places, because windows are everywhere, and at any time we may find one. Or one may find us. Though we will hardly know it...unless we are searching for Him who for so long has been searching for us."

Thank you Tita Precy for this wonderful book!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Best Meaning of HUMILITY....

"Humility is expecting nothing from mankind and looking to God to meet all our needs."

When I came across this quote from a book I borrowed from a friend, I jot it down because it's the best definition of humility I've ever read and heard. It's a humbling experience for me because as I assess my life, I must acknowledge that I'm quite proud. Most of the times, I would go on my own way without consulting God in my life's major decisions. I just rely on my instincts and convictions that my choice is good and will make me happy. It's not being humble whenever I expect other people to return the favor I've given them. I have no right to brag about any little act of kindness I've done because all those blessings came from God. I'm just an instrument in sharing God's benevolence to mankind and I'm not capable of doing it without His grace.

I felt humbled by this beautiful meaning of "HUMILITY."

There's a long way to go....more humbling experiences to help us transform into a more loving person God has intended us to be. We should never be weary in caring for others without expecting in return. We should have more of God's confidence in our life - for us to be meek and humble at heart.