Monday, April 26, 2010

Honoring My Tatay "PERLOT"

From Saudi with love - my Tatay took a vacation to take care of my Nanay...A dedicated husband and certified caregiver...Most of the times, I was just silently observing him - how he light-heartedly served his wife.

I recall one incident...While I was lying on the floor in our sala, I got awake and saw my Tatay covering my legs with blanket...I was so touched as if I'm still a teenager who's being protected by a father.

His hospitality is natural - he's always ready to offer anything to our visitors...His favorite is hot espresso served in small cups...He's a good listener and has wit and humor...My Nanay's circle of friends is very much amused of my Tatay - how he cracked jokes as "tagabola" in their weekly Bingo social.

There were countless little acts of kindness he has done for us - not only to his family but to others.

I want to thank and honor my Tatay for spending a meaningful vacation with us....I really appreciate all the sacrifices he's been doing for us, his demonstrative love for my Nanay, his simplicity, and faith in God....

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